Brandon J. Kennedy

Intellectual Property Law, Patent Litigation & Prosecution

Brandon J. Kennedy (

Brandon J. Kennedy is a partner with McDonnell Boehnen Hulbert & Berghoff LLP. Mr. Kennedy practices in all areas of intellectual property law, with an emphasis in patent litigation and prosecution. Mr. Kennedy has significant experience representing clients in patent litigation in federal district court, including experience with pre-filing investigations, written discovery, motion practice, depositions, expert witness preparation, trial, settlement, and appeals.

Mr. Kennedy also prepares and prosecutes patent applications in the mechanical and computing arts, representing clients involved in technologies such as networked home audio, wearable computing devices, fluid dynamics, building construction and materials, and robotics. He advises clients regarding the development and management of their intellectual property portfolios, including analysis of competing products.

Prior to joining MBHB, Mr. Kennedy was a project manager and design engineer for a full-service civil engineering firm, where he was responsible for the engineering design, approval, and construction of residential, commercial, and industrial land development projects. Mr. Kennedy is a licensed professional engineer.

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